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At Woolley & Company, we provide a variety of legal services and strive to furnish our clients with effective legal solutions for the issues that arise in business and personal life.

Whether That Means

    Buying or Selling a House
     Estate Planning
   Family Law Problems

We recognize that dealing with these matters can be stressful to you and your family.  We pride ourselves in the relationships we build with our clients as we assist them through the legal process.

Family Law

Divorce and Seperation

Divorce and seperation can be a difficult and emotional experience. It is important to have a skilled and knowledgeable family law lawyer to guide you through this critical time.  We will help you to understand your options and help you make informed decisions regarding child custody, guardianship and access and crucial financial matters such as support and division of assets.

We believe that how you end a relationship can be one of the most important decisions you can make and could have long term impacts on both you and your children’s emotional wellbeing.  As a result, we try to resolve disputes by way of negotiated settlements and mediation wherever possible. However, sometimes circumstances require the assistance of the courts and, when this is the case, we will aggressively represent our clients to protect their rights. We are experienced in trial work, having appeared in all levels of court in British Columbia including Provincial Court, Supreme Court and the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

For most people their home is their biggest investment and buying or selling your home can often be a particularly stressful time for you and your family.  We can provide you with the necessary advice and experience to help you through this process and remove that stress.  With one of the busiest real estate practices in the North Okanagan, the staff at Woolley & Co. have the expertise to deal with any problems that you may encounter and ensure that your real estate transaction goes through smoothly. 

We Offer

  • Residential Purchases and Sales
  • Mobile Home Purchases and Sales
  • Mortgages and Refinancing
  • Leases (including Indian Land Leases)
  • Property Co-Ownership Agreements
  • Options to Purchase
  • New Home Construction
  • Builder’s Liens
  • Easements and Covenants on Title

Wills & Estates


Drafting a will isn’t something anyone looks forward to doing, but it is one of the most important legal documents that you will ever sign. A properly executed will ensures that your family is taken care of after you are gone and that your wishes are followed.  If you don’t have a will, your estate will be administered according to rules set down by the provincial government, potentially resulting in greater expenses for your estate and resulting in a distribution that may not reflect your wishes.  Many people put off drafting a will because they don’t know their options or how to ensure that what they want to happen is properly recorded.  We will help you understand your options and help you make the best decisions in creating this integral legal document.

Administration of an Estate

We also advise our clients on the administration of estates and probating wills.  The job requirements of acting as an executor or administrator can be difficult at the best of times, add in the emotions of dealing with the loss of a loved one and it can be overwhelming. Our office will assist you in navigating your way through the complex process in a compassionate and understanding manner.



Other services we offer include power of attorneys and representation agreements so you can appoint the right people to make financial and healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to do so.  Taking the proper steps now will save you and your loved ones expense and heartache in the future.

Corporate Law

A focus on small businesses

With a focus on small businesses, Woolley & Co. can assist you with incorporating your company and setting up legal partnerships.  Working closely with other professionals such as accountants, we will help determine the appropriate business structure for you and assist with the necessary changes to and maintenance of your company as your business grows and expands.